San Diego's Affordable Divorce and
Family Law Attorneys assisted by
an experienced and caring staff

San Diego's Affordable Divorce and
Family Law Attorneys assisted by
an experienced and caring staff

San Diego's Affordable Divorce and
Family Law Attorneys assisted by
an experienced and caring staff

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When you hire the law firm of Rigney D. Law to handle your case, you are hiring a dedicated team of legal experts who care about you. We are pleased to say that many of our clients recommend us and below is just a small sampling of what some of them have written to and about us.

Jon represented me in my divorce and the reason I would recommend Jon to anyone looking to be represented in their divorce is that he always has your best interest as his absolute #1 priority.  In my case he understood what was most important to me and  judiciously used his time and that of his staff to achieve what I wanted in our final settlement.  Opposing counsel was very much interested in drawing out the case and racking up significant fees.  Jon was just the opposite, his priority was efficiently achieving my priorities and wrapping the case up without unnecessary litigation.  If you direct him to be aggressive, Jon can do that very well, but he will make his top priority achieving the result you wish.  He will counsel you with wisdom, point out the risks and benefits of your legal options and then work tirelessly in lock step with you to achieve them.  Jon is a professional in every sense of the word.

- Peter S., San Diego

Jon and his staff assisted our family in creating a Living Will/Trust and Medical Directive during a very stressful time. It was a detailed procedure due to family real estate and assets and they knew exactly how to navigate the legal maze. Staff very efficient and excellent communication; they explained the process clearly and fielded many questions from us. Jon and staff are only a phone call away that helped to create a comfortable communications exchange, which put us at ease. Plus, they expedited the process, as for us, as it was time sensitive. Highly recommend this professional and skilled business.

- Mike B., San Diego, CA

Jon helped me with my custody case. He is a very seasoned lawyer. He always seemed prepared for all possible outcomes, and was ready to take them on. Jon gets straight to the facts, and has an assertive nature. He is definitely someone you want on your side. Everyone I came into contact with at his office was friendly and professional. I always felt like I was in good hands; personally and professionally.

- Brittany M., San Diego, CA

Attorney Jon Rigney, specializes in family law. I met Jon Rigney over twelve (12) years ago. I was going through a typical nasty divorce, dividing assets, and with child custody issues. This attorney stood by me throughout the process and gave me great advice. When it was all said and done I was awarded legal custody of my child. This attorney at law is well known by San Diego judges and respected. I highly recommend this family law attorney to all of my friends and family. He also represented one of my co workers who had been married over 20 years. She is now divorced, happy and very satisfied with Jon Rigney legal services. Jon Rigney is probably one of the best family law attorneys in San Diego. Good and bad attorneys cost money. Jon Rigney is not cheap. However, in the end you will be very satisfied with Jon Rigney and his top notch staff.

- Jeff M., Escondido, CA

Mr Rigney handled my divorce last year. He had a way about him that was not only professional, but able to put me at ease during some of the toughest times of my life. I really appreciated the moments of levity amongst the emotionally charged court dates. As the other reviewer experienced, he stood by me during the whole process. He gave me realistic expectations and protected me from a less than amicable ex-spouse. I appreciated that he let his paralegal do a lot of the work on my behalf to help keep my costs down. She did a great job! I am forever grateful to Mr Rigney and his team. Attorneys fees can be quite a burden, but great attorneys like Mr Rigney are worth it!

- Milena D., Palo Alto, CA

Jon D Rigney is absolutely one of the best lawyers in San Diego. His long term experience, intelligence and his ability to interpret the facts and present them in the most straightforward and useful way, is absolutely amazing. I am a citizen of Iran who came to the United States … Upon a series of consultation sessions with Mr. Rigney that only costed $100 in total, he made me realize why I was about to give up on all my rights and leave. He advised me to just stay and not leave… Judge Jessop and attorney Jon D Rigney did a great job in giving life and hope back to me, especially Mr. Rigney had also a psychological role to help me see the facts. I owe a lot to this lawyer. He is defenitely not a cheap lawyer, but he deserves what he gets. HE KNOWS HIS JOB PERFECTLY and he is a very respected person.

I highly recommend him to people who have family issues, whether they are American or from any other nationalities like me.

He also have a very caring and smart staff and paralegal team who are always there to help you with your legal questions.

- Niloofar F., San Diego, CA

I don’t usually write reviews, but for Jon Rigney I just had to. I highly recommend him for his services. I came to him this past December at the last minute for my children’s move-away where I had been representing myself. I knew I was in over my head and needed help to have any chance of keeping my kids in San Diego. He set realistic expectations and went over and above in preparing me and my family for trial having less than 3 weeks during the holidays. His entire staff was amazingly helpful, especially Heather. He did a fantastic job during the trial, and even though I did not win my case I felt he did everything he could to put my kids and myself in a position where I had the best possible chance. I can honestly say he put the other attorney to shame in his professionalism and preparation of the entire case! All I can say is hire him if you need help!!

- Jose C., San Diego, CA